A meeting with Dutch investors was held in Qazindustrу

Today, Marat Bopazov, Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC "Kazakhstan Center for Industry and Export "QazIndustry" held a meeting with representatives of Dutch companies-Hendrik Oosthoek, CEO of the Dutch company KOPPERT Biological Systems and Eric Egberts, CEO of Dutch Greenhouse Delta.

The meeting was organized jointly with JSC " NC "Kazakh Invest" as part of a working trip of representatives of Dutch companies to Kazakhstan.

The main purpose of the meeting is to discuss the prospects of cooperation in establishing fertilizer production in Kazakhstan.

Marat Bopazov noted that the Netherlands is one of the key and promising partners in the European Union – the Netherlands occupies the first place in terms of investment in the economy of our country and the leading positions among trading partners.

Bopazov acquainted the participants of the meeting with the possibilities of the industrial infrastructure of Kazakhstan and expressed readiness to provide support in the implementation of the project in the manufacturing industry.

According to Hendrik Oosthoek, Koppert Biological Systems offers a full program of organic products and services for comprehensive pest control. This includes products such as bumblebees and hive systems, a number of microbial products, and products such as sticky traps and pheromone traps. The company plans to establish the production of biological products for pest control of agricultural products in Kazakhstan with the subsequent localization.

Today, the Company has taken a leading position in the market of biological plant protection and natural pollination. At the moment, Koppert products are successfully used in more than 100 countries around the world.

Following the meeting, an agreement was reached on the organization of an introductory meeting at the site of the Industrial Zone of Almaty.


For reference: JSC "Kazakhstan Center for Industry and Export "QazIndustry" is the coordinator of special economic and industrial zones in Kazakhstan. The main tasks of QazIndustry, represented by a Single coordination Center, are the development, promotion and increase of the investment attractiveness of special economic and industrial zones.

The unified coordination Center is constantly engaged in improving the system of functioning of FEZ/IZ and business processes, protecting the interests of management companies and residents, improving the effectiveness of legal regulation, eliminating formal barriers and creating incentives for investment in Kazakhstan's FEZ/IZ.